☝ Saint Gerard Majella

born: Muro, april 23, 1725
died: Caposele, 1755

He was not a priest but served as a lay brother, tailor, gardener and porter with St Alphonsus Liguori. He felt these silly jobs proved just how humble he was. He was accused by a woman of being the father of her child, being a humble man, he did not deny it, but was cleared of the blame later.

He was known widely for his supernatural gifts. Bi-location, prophecy, levitation and great knowledge. A handkerchief he once dropped also has supernatural powers, it protects unborn children.

Distinguishable features:
Wingspan: 1,74 m
Weight (approx) : 87 kg
Range and distribution: Italy
Color: black tunic with white collar
Special features: a lily

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