☝ Saint Michael Garicoïts

born: Ibarre, april 15, 1797
died: may 14 (Ascension Day) 1863

Suffered a depression as a child. He went to find heaven in the mountains when he was told it could be found there. At thirteen Michael had a vision of God that came 'as a wave of joy and lights that dazzled him'.

He went to France where he was seen to levitating with a luminous halo on his face. This made him very popular and he was asked to join several convents. From then on his studies involve the role of happiness and the hart in religion. After his death all kinds of miracles happened.

Distinguishable features:
Wingspan: 1,92 m

Weight (approx): 91 kg

Range and distribution: France
Color: black tunic and hat

Special features: none

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