☝ Saint Peter Claver

born: Verdu, 1580
died: Cartagena, 1654

Claver, Jesuit missionary, 'Saint of the Slaves', was not only a missionary but a doctor and teacher. He greeted the incoming ships at Cartagena coming from Africa with a small group of interpreters. Carrying the Holy Cross, he went into the slave ships where on the long voyages epidemics and suffering had taken their toll, there he tended the ill.

He converted more than 300.000 by 1615. Stories of his miracles passed among the slave community.

In his last years he suffered a paralysis.

Distinguishable features:
Wingspan: 1,60 m

Weight (approx): 59 kg

Range and distribution: Spain, South-America.

Color: black tunic

Special features: accompanied by slaves or insects

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