☝ Simon Magus

born: Gitta in first century
Roman magician, 'father of all heretics', founder of Gnosticism, Emperor Nero's court magician, who had a titanic battle with St Peter in an attempt, so we are told, to overthrow Christianity.

He had the power to heal, to turn stones into bread, to travel trough the air, to stand unharmed in fires, change shape, become invisible, move objects and open locks without contact. St. Peter broke his legs trying to imitate Simon's flight.

Nearly all records concerning the Magus have been destroyed.

Simon explained the purpose of the Magus, completely misunderstood by the followers of Jesus, as a certain degree of enlightenment. The consciousness of the magician is at one with 'Nous'; Reason. The form of knowledge that Adam knew before the Fall, a true and perfect knowledge of nature, Natural Magic. This Reason must be combined with Epinoia; Thought.

Gnostics believe the spirit of God to be trapped in matter, especially humans. This happened during the creation of the world. Thought can be trapped in forms and images it creates and is abused by corrupted men. It must be redeemed by 'Nous'. Simon is thus a Faustian figure; a scientist turned magician.

Distinguishing features:
Wingspan: 1,54m
Weight (approx): 65kg

Range and distribution: Egypt, Greece and Italy

Color: various

Special features: none

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Parallel Perspectives said...

Simon was not the "founder of Gnosticism" as the article claims. In fact, there was no "founder" of Gnosticism. Simon was a Libterine Gnostics, one of many Gnostic sects that flourished from 32 BCE to 400 CE

Jeff Farrow