☝ Saint Catherine of Siena

born: Siena 1347
died: Rome april 29 1380

Doctor of the Church and patron saint of Italy.

She was the 23rd child of Jacopo Benincasa. She saw angels as clearly as ordinary people. Aged 7, after a vision of 'Christ in glory' she promised her virginity to Him. To show her determination not to marry, she cut off her hair. Her family was furious, but Jacopo ordered her to be left alone and allowed a room for prayer.

She mystically married Jesus and seems to have actively seeking humiliation. This included highlights such as drinking drinking cupfuls of cancerous puss from a sick woman that abused her.

Catherine got the Pope to move back to Italy from France. In 1378 the Great Schism began and devastated Catherine. She had a seizure and died.

Distinguishable features:
Wingspan: 1,62 m
Weight (approx): 44 kg
Range and distribution: Italy
Color: white and brown tunic.
Special features: ring, stigmata, lily.

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wietske maas said...

hey, just curious as to how you estimated the weight of the saints. St Catherine is quite franscesicanly petite at 44 kg. or the other friars and nuns at 58 or 66 kg ... could this help their acts of levitation?