☝ Saint Francis Xavier

born: castle of Xavier, april 7, 1506
died: on the Isle of Sancian near China, dec3, 1552

Apostle of the Indies and Japan.

After completing his philosophical studies in France, Xavier received the degree of Master of Arts and was a lecturer on Aristotelian logic, physics and metaphysics. He then turned to theology. In 1541 he went to the Indies and Japan.

Apparently a hardworking man, he was a tremendously successful missionary, courageously dined with head hunters, washed scores of lepers in Venice and baptized 10.000 children in a single month.

He spoke many languages and died in China when he contracted a fever.

Distinguishable features:
Wingspan: 1,70 m

Weight (approx) : 72 kg

Range and distribution: Spain, Italy, India, West-Indies, Japan.

Color: black tunic and beard

Special features: a bell, a torch, a globe or cross and lilies.

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