☝ Saint John Joseph of the Cross

born: Fontiveros, june 24, 1542
died: Ubeda, dec 14, 1591

Priest,poet, mystic and theologian, he was a friend of st. Theresa of Avila and a very talented writer.

He had such a reputation of holiness that he was immediately put in charge of building a new friary. He joined the work crew, serving as a mason. He could heal, see the future, bi-locate and fly. At his death his soul was seen to rise from his body resembling the Globe of the Earth on fire.

Distinguishable features:
Wingspan: 1,65 m
Weight (approx): 74 kg
Range and distribution: Italy
Color: light brown tunic
Special features: a pen and cross

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Anonymous said...

Hello, I am wondering if this is the same St. John Joseph of the Cross who was born on August 15, 1654, whose feast day is March 5th?