☝ Saint Theresa of Avila

born: Avila, march 28, 1515
died: Alba, oct 4, 1582

A pretty girl who grew up reading about saints and played at being a hermit in the garden.

As a teenager she cared only about boys and clothes. Being popular made it difficult to become a nun but she did anyway. Immediately she got malaria, and the medication she received was poor so she never really recovered. She started having visions.

One eyewitness Sister Anne of the Incarnation said Theresa levitated a 40 cm of the ground for about half an hour.
She would crawl around on the floor in ecstasy calling for her 'sweet beloved Youngman'.
'It seemed to me when I tried to make some resistance, as if a great force beneath my feet lifted me up. I know of nothing with which to compare it, but it was much more violent than other spiritual visitations, and I was therefore as one ground to pieces'.

Distinguishable features:
Wingspan: 1,59 m
Weight (approx): 58 kg
Range and distribution: Spain
Color: various
Special features: an arrow, heart and arrow or whispering pigeon


Anonymous said...

St John of The Cross was more renowned for his levitation. Teresa was the one who had to try and keep him grounded!

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